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Let It Go.

Stress is that culprit that robs us of joy and happiness. Some stress can do the body good and serves a purpose but stress at the chronic level is bad. We can’t be the best versions of ourselves if stress is running and ruining our lives. Stress affects: Mood. It’s hard to feel light and happy when stress is weighing us down emotionally. Appetite and weight. Some tend to drastically gain or lose weight when stressed. Our energy level. We vibrate at lower levels when we aren’t happy. Ability to manifest. You’re emotions have a direct bearing on your...

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See The Positives In Life.

Negativity is pushed at us from all sides from the new media to social networking sites. One might feel that there isn’t much good left in the world but that simply isn’t true. Everything in life isn’t negative. There is much good if you dare to open up your eyes and look. Don’t let anyone convince you that all people are bad and untrustworthy. There are many loving and loyal people all over the earth. Love is not limited to a certain, race, color or nation. There is good in all people and all people are members of the...

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Positive Effects Of Happiness.

It’s widely known that chronic stress has a negative can have a effect on one’s life. Stress breaks the body down causing sickness and a negative shift in mood. But is there anything that can positively affect the body? Fortunately there are a few things like meditation, exercise and positive emotions. Happiness has a positive affect on the body. What is happiness? Happiness is having joy  and contentment in your life. Happiness is knowing that there will be not so pleasant situations and days but not dwelling on them. One who is happy sees the good in many things...

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Love Yourself Quote: Jenn Proske.

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. ~ Jenn Proske Self love is of the utmost importance. It shapes your whole way of living from how you treat yourself to how you allow others to treat you. Self love is the act of loving yourself in addition too and in spite of anyone who loves you. Self love is positive and impacts your life in a great way. If you love yourself you’ll be more apt to make good decisions. Self love won’t allow one to wallow in negativity. Positivity is what...

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Pregnancy Affirmations.

Affirmations are powerful phrases or self talk that boost your confidence and self esteem. The better you feel the higher your vibrational energy. Pregnancy Affirmations: I am worthy of becoming a mother. I love myself and my body. I am fully capable of being a good mother. I can provide a loving and warm home to a child. I am emotionally able to provide love to a child. My body knows how to get pregnant. I will get pregnant when the time is right. My womb is the perfect place for my developing child. My womb knows how to...

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