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Share Your Happiness.

Many things in this world reek of negativity, especially on social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. From politics to local crime, negativity dwells all around us online. War, hate crimes, child abuse, violent crimes and deliberate political blunder headlines are thrust at us just about daily. Sometimes negativity is glorified in forms of memes and videos. You might see an inspirational post with a small amount of likes and then a negative post such as a fight video with thousands of likes and comments. Some people feel bogged down by all of the negativity floating on social media...

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Be Cool.

People can be annoying, every day won’t be perfect and things can really get on your nerves at times. It is best to feel the emotion and quickly allow it to past to avoid letting it overtake our mood and therefore affect our entire day, week or even month. Negativity is contagious. Have you ever been around someone and you could just feel the negativity oozing from them? That is the sign to run in the other direction before that negativity influences you as well. Before you know it, you’ll be feeling negative too. Remove yourself from the situation if...

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Powerful Positive You.

Does it really matter if you feel positive or negative as long as you go about your daily normal life and do the things you normally do. Yes it does, because it can affect all aspects of your life. We have a say as to whether we’ll be happy or miserable. You can’t be negative and live a positive life. Positivity can help you to improve your health, have better relationships, achieve more goals and live your dreams. Negativity takes a toll on not just your mood but also your relationships with others, your health and productivity. Negativity grips...

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5 Steps To Disciplined Weight Loss.

Excess weight, almost no one wants it but how do you get rid of it? While you could just sit around wishing and hoping the Universe will miraculously take the pounds away, the only way to turn that dream into a reality is by coupling your desire to lose weight with action. Step 1. Figure out why you want to lose weight. Write your why down. Look at your powerful why when you need a little encouragement to stay on the right path. Make sure your why is focused around you. Your weight loss might benefit other people like your...

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You Got This!

Are you trying to lose 10 pounds? Maybe you’re trying to save $500 or or eat healthier. Manifest your goals. You got this! The specifics of the goal doesn’t really matter because any goal is attainable if you believe it to be possible and feel that you can reach it. But what if you haven’t reached your goal yet despite the fact that you’ve been trying for a while and you feel like giving up? Should you just quit and make a new goal since it’s not working out? Not if it’s something worth achieving and something you really...

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