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You Can’t Make Someone Else Happy.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you know you did everything right and it still didn’t work out because your partner was chronically unhappy? Did your ex significant other often seem miserable despite your efforts made to please them? Or maybe you were in a friendship that ran it’s course. No matter what you did your friend was never happy and there were constantly problems between you. This happens to many people and the answer is simple. You can’t be responsible for someone else’s happiness. Plain and simple each and every one of us have the responsibility...

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To Be Loved Is To Be Free.

Love is precious. Love has the power to transform. There are different kinds of love from platonic to romantic. Some people search their whole lives for it, always chasing but never finding the love that really speaks to their heart or don’t recognize it when they feel it because their understanding of love isn’t clear. Others find the love of their dreams and hold tight to it nurturing and cultivating. Many aren’t sure of what love is. They believe that love must hurt or that love is full of problems when pure love is neither. In the name of...

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True Love Doesn’t Dictate .

Spiritual Snobbery: This is one reason that many people who desire a mate are not in a relationship. They fail to recognize the good in all. Instead they overemphasize what one isn’t over all that they are. They can’t find someone who meets their “standards” and self sabotage their relationships when they do try with one they deem not good enough. Yet in their human body they desire a mate, thus enters the turmoil because they are blocking the very thing that they crave. If you’ve recently become spiritual and your significant other isn’t into the aspects of spirituality that you...

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Let It Go.

Stress is that culprit that robs us of joy and happiness. Some stress can do the body good and serves a purpose but stress at the chronic level is bad. We can’t be the best versions of ourselves if stress is running and ruining our lives. Stress affects: Mood. It’s hard to feel light and happy when stress is weighing us down emotionally. Appetite and weight. Some tend to drastically gain or lose weight when stressed. Our energy level. We vibrate at lower levels when we aren’t happy. Ability to manifest. You’re emotions have a direct bearing on your...

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See The Positives In Life.

Negativity is pushed at us from all sides from the new media to social networking sites. One might feel that there isn’t much good left in the world but that simply isn’t true. Everything in life isn’t negative. There is much good if you dare to open up your eyes and look. Don’t let anyone convince you that all people are bad and untrustworthy. There are many loving and loyal people all over the earth. Love is not limited to a certain, race, color or nation. There is good in all people and all people are members of the...

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