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Leaving Victimhood Behind.

Stop Being A Victim! If being a victim is your only identity you desperately need a new one. The only person stuck in place when you live in victimhood is you. It’s paralyzing. This I know from personal experience. In my lifetime I have endured some deplorable things and vile things. I allowed the hurt, shame, fear, and anger these things made me feel to take over my life in a negative way. I was so stuck on who did what to me that I didn’t realize that it was me currently victimizing myself. The past was long gone....

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4 Steps To Success.

Move Through And Past Fear To Gain Success. Starting a business, creating a blog, writing a book, creating a product, or achieving any kind of huge business goal can be kind of scary, especially if you’ve never done it before. Gaining success can seem almost impossible if you can’t see past fear to get a clear view of the big picture. I allowed fear to hold me back in the past. This didn’t serve me. For example: Had I not been afraid I’d have successfully published fiction books years ago. I worried about: People’s opinions. If I was a...

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Remove Hatred From Your Heart.

Let Go Of Hatred In Its Various Forms And Just Love. Love is what the world needs. Love is a state of being that makes you feel good. It’s time for that only caring about self mentality, that many are exhibiting, to go bye bye. Yes, you are the co creator of your own reality and should be focused on yourself. But to show care, love, and concern for others isn’t a denial of who you are or a block to your success. To be respectful of another person’s culture and to see the beauty of it doesn’t make...

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Is True Forgiveness Hard For You?

There is more to forgiveness than simply accepting someone’s apology. The lack of forgiveness within can be detrimental to your life journey. True forgiveness requires one to let go of all the hurt and anger that one has experienced about a specific situation. Some people choose not to forgive someone because they feel that the pain that person caused them was too great. Some people are so used to holding on to hurt and anger that they don’t know how to forgive and let go. Holding on to pain, anger, and unforgiveness are negative energy inducing activities and only...

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The Dangers Of Limiting Beliefs.

What Is A Limiting Belief? Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold you back from being your greatest version and achieving unimaginable success. They vary from person to person but what they have in common is the reason that one cannot do or achieve something. Sometimes those beliefs are because growing up one might not have had encouragement and motivation from their parents and family. Their parents might even have put them down when they expressed the desire to succeed at something. You can also develop limiting beliefs by adopting the beliefs about yourself from friends, significant others and other people....

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