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Stop Hating On Wealth And Abundance.

Your View Of Money Matters. Money is your obedient servant if you allow it to be. You can choose to live abundantly. Just as you are energy so is money. It is one type of abundance and the tool that our system uses in exchange for goods and services. Money provides freedom that a lack of money does not. How many times have you been unable to do something because of a lack of funds? Is Money The Root Of All Evil? Some people fear or hate money because they strongly believe it is the root of all evil. At...

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Maybe Tomorrow and Other Excuses That Block Your Dreams.

Are You Taking Any Steps Towards Your Dream? If not now, then when? If you are dissatisfied in life what does grumbling and complaining solve? Many times we look at our dreams as something so far away from us and so far into the future yet doing nothing at the moment to draw us closer to the life we desire. We come up with excuse after excuse from I don’t know how to I can’t afford what I need to do so. The truth is that people invest their time and money into things they deem worthwhile and beneficial....

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Don’t Carry The State Of The World On Your Shoulders.

You Cannot Change The World By Force. This has been proven throughout history time and time again. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with what is going on in the world. It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with what’s going on locally where you live. You have absolutely no control over what other people choose to do or every situation that happens. If you did you have changed everything to your satisfaction already. Yes, we do create our own realities. That is certainly true but we do not have control over everything that goes on in them....

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My New Weight Loss Journey Begins Sunday.

Starting Sunday, October 15 I’m turning the heat up on my weight loss journey as I strive to reach onederland  (199 Lbs). I’ll be sharing different aspects of my journey here at Powerful Positive You! Sharing my journey openly is two-fold. It gives me accountability and provides inspiration and motivation for one who may be deciding to start their own weight loss journey. My journey has been amazing and I’m so grateful for my VSG surgery I had done in August of 2013. It truly helped me to change my life for the better. While I look and feel...

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It’s The Differences That Make Us Interesting.

Do you love your neighbors? It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved into your home or if you’ve lived there for many years. I’m asking if you have a general and unconditional love for your fellow humans. Your neighbors are so much more than the people you see each day when you enter or exit your home. Your neighbors are those near and far away from you. Your neighbors are your family, friends, people in your neighborhood, co-workers, enemies, and people all across the world regardless of size, social status, financial state, beliefs, skin color, hair texture, location, religion,...

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