What you choose to eat in drink is a part of becoming your best version. A diet full of healthy nutrients helps you to become a more powerful positive you.

It’s all too easy to consume a bad diet.

With all the billboards, online promotions, and television commercials, you see daily, you’d have to be blind to not see all of these unhealthy foods and beverages being pushed at you.

I personally have been working at adopting a healthier lifestyle and this includes my food.

I want my inside to be as healthy as my outer looks. To just lose weight isn’t enough for me. I need to feel great too!

I don’t feel my best when I consume a bunch of nutrient deficient junk. It makes me feel sluggish and low energy when I don’t eat well.

Our bodies are our temples. We have a responsibility to treat them right or pay the consequences.

There’s no wonder so many are sick today with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other ailments when the food they’re eating regularly aren’t optimal for their health.

Nutritious smoothies and are an easy way to sneak some extra nutrition into your diet. I love them!

Because of my VSG surgery (85% of my stomach was removed) I can hold much food and so it’s harder to take in the right nutrient quota for the day.

However, it isn’t impossible. I choose to drink part of my diet in the form of healthy smoothies.

This is an easy way to get in my protein, veggies, and fruits. Plus it’s quite tasty too!

Give it a try if you feel your diet isn’t quite up to par. Get creative in the kitchen! Discover different taste combinations.

I like to add things like kale, spinach, mango, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, and tart cherry juice to my smoothies in a variety of combinations.

But you can also add things like carrots, kiwi, oranges, apples, and avocado (I’ll be trying this very soon. I love avocado!)

You can add a little fruit juice, water, or even non dairy milks like almond milk and rice milk if you like.

You aren’t limited by my suggestions. Go experiment for yourself!

There are so many different combinations that you can come up with.

This is especially good to know if you prefer variety in your diet.

I’d love to hear about your favorite smoothie combinations. Leave a comment below 🙂

I start with some type of healthy protein powder (not chock full of artificial sugars) because getting in enough protein is a concern for me but you can just as well do all fruits and veggies.

So play around in the kitchen and see what you can come up with if like me you’re looking for an easy way to put more nutritious foods into your body.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum