When something is  bulletproof it isn’t easy to penetrate.

In a hail of bullets, would you rather be behind bulletproof glass or traditional window glass?

Would the same principle not be true when it comes to guarding your peace.

How you feel about things determine how you deal with them.

We must activate our shields of emotional protection when dealing with those who attempt to make us miserable.

When activated this means that things that normally hurt us may bounce right off of us instead of causing us to shatter into pieces.

There are some people who get their kicks by kicking you, especially when you’re down.

You aren’t really the issue. How someone treats you has more to do with them than you.

I acknowledge the bigger picture … they’re miserable and misery loves company.

Someone who is happy and focused on bettering themself doesn’t have time to intentionally hurt someone else.

We have no control over another person’s actions but have the power to control our reactions.

At this stage of my life my vibrational energy, goals, dreams, and my karma mean way more to me than arguing or bickering with a troublemaker who only wants to make me as miserable as they feel.

I spent too many years participating in drama and arguments  I really had no interest in.

I just didn’t realize that all I had to do was stop participating.

I’ve learned I  don’t have to address every issue with every person who tries to bring drama my way.

Negativity takes away from you, not them so why sacrifice your peace of mind and more.

No Easy Button.

It’s not always easy. Life is full of challenges.

Life is a series of tests but if you’re paying attention you’ll see that you’re more than equipped to learn the intended lessons and pass with flying colors.

Going from I can’t let that slide to I don’t care or the proverbial fuck it is truly one of the best things I ever did.

I Am In Charge Of Me. 

I am not perfect and I still get annoyed at times but I try my best to stay in control of my reactions.

That which angers you or upsets you has a measure of control over you.

I stop in my tracks as soon as I recognize that things are about to go left depending on what I do or say next.

Taking a moment to think before acting can stop foolish acts from occurring.

Taking time to meditate relaxes me and helps me to think with a clearer mind.

Some things don’t even annoy me at all anymore.

At times I opt not to deal with certain people at all because they take away from me. Drama seekers are like vampires because they suck at your energy.

I don’t have to sacrifice my good vibes for anyone.

Stop Caring!

We don’t have to impress or save face for anyone when others try to bring drama into our lives.

You don’t have to act like a fool just because someone else is.

I don’t care what other people think like I used to.

It’s what I think and how I feel that matters.

My peace of mind and is more important than whatever someone else may think about reaction or lack of.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum
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