Hi I’m Alice Coaxum, creator of Powerful Positive You. Thanks for stopping by!

We are all in this together.


There is so much negativity in this world. At times it might even feel hard to escape it.

Almost every time you turn on the news or visit news sites online negativity from hatred to senseless deaths just pours from your television set and cell phone.

Instead of feeling powerful one might be left feeling depressed and powerless.

These negative situations can affect the lives of many especially if it all you predominantly fill your mind with.

It’s all too easy to be depressed, anxious or ambivalent when dwelling in negativity. Some people  are so overwhelmed by the bad things in life that they easily over look or miss out on all the good.

They want to change the type of world we live in but they just don’t know where to start or the things they’ve tried hasn’t worked and they feel downhearted.

A few ways people tried to deal with the world’s injustices:

  • Protesting.
  • Petitioning.
  • Rioting.
  • Religion
  • Hunger strikes.
  • Separation.
  • Turning a blind eye.
  • Violence.


None of this has worked so far. Yes it has brought some awareness, but what has really changed as a result of these methods? Nothing.

Is there any hope for humanity?



If you’ve landed on this page it’s not a mistake, you were meant to be here right now reading these very words. There are no chance happenings. Everything happens at just the right time.

Maybe you’re fed up because everything is getting to you. I’ve been there and bought the tee shirt.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to make some positive changes in your life.

Maybe you’d like to see more positivity in the world on a larger scale.

Maybe you believe that we can recognize and acknowledge the troubles of the world without succumbing to misery and despair you just want to add a little more positivity into your life.

Whatever your reason for being here I want to welcome you. Thank you for stopping by!

To change the world we must start first with ourselves and then inspire others to do the same.

One could not logically expect others to change if they are unwilling to change themselves.

Change is not always easy. So change of self is where you start and after, as the saying goes, each one teach one.


If each of us on the planet focused on changing ourselves for the better, not harming others and fulfilling our life’s purpose the world as we know it would cease to exist. Everyone would be filled with happiness and love for our fellow man or woman would worldwide would live abundantly. 


I created Powerful Positive You, as a safe haven of sorts, to help spread the word about the power of positivity and the importance of self-love, self improvement, and self-development as well as other important self-help topics like weight loss (which is near and dear to my heart). . 

Self-love and positivity are also essential to your well being. Your self-love is also essential to all those whom you have dealings with.

If you truly love yourself you won’t do harm to another because what you do comes back to you. You see how that goes hand in hand?

Does this mean that you should ride wildly through life on a unicorn wearing rose colored glasses, oblivious to conditions in the world, loudly singing Kumbaya as you toss glitter behind you?

Of course not! But there must be balance. We need to be aware without dwelling on life’s negativity.

There’s so much life to live and we need our strength An day the right mmindset to become our greatest version of ourselves.

But what if the things that plague us are a little closer than outside of our front door?

You don’t have to be stuck in a rut of negativity and despair without an ounce of hope.

Maintaining a positive mindset doesn’t mean that you’ll never go through trying times but it does mean that you’ll be more than equipped to deal with them.

You aren’t helpless.

You always have a choice in the matter even if it feels like your life is falling apart.

You are powerful enough to determine how your life will go and how you will feel despite all. It is possible to be happy even in the worst of times. 

Sounds crazy right? If everything is going wrong how can one still feel good? I assure you that it’s possible.

How you choose to feel is entirely up to you!

Loving yourself will help you to live your best life.

Why merely get through life when you can have a fulfilling life as you walk your unique path?

When you truly love yourself and make choices that reflect that through methods such as self-love, meditation, self-development, self improvement, and expanding your mind to learn new information you begin to recognize your own power.

You begin to see just how much influence you truly have over your own life.

No matter what is going on in your home or even in the world, you are the key to living the type of life you desire.

You have a choice in how you’ll live your life!


You alone are responsible for your own life and happiness. Your job, neighbor, family, finances, and significant other are not responsible for your happiness.

How you feel emotionally, about yourself and your life directly determines the type of life that you’ll have.

A negative mindset and feelings lower your vibrational energy, the frequency at which you vibrate.

Everything has a vibration whether lower or higher. When you vibrate lower this draws more negativity towards you.

Grow through what you go through instead of allowing life to swallow you whole.

I promise you this feels much better!

If each and every one of us were to adopt a growth mindset and take a real responsibility for our own life and happiness the results would be amazing.

If we all truly knew how powerful we are it would make a huge difference.

You are the creator of your own reality and the co-creator of your life!

Having a positive mindset and growing into their greatest version causes you to have a better life. 

This helps everyone around you because just as negativity is contagious so is positivity.

Could you imagine those people then inspiring  others to productively walk the paths most beneficial to them?

That indeed would be a beautiful place. This is indeed going on today. Open your eyes to the good in life and you shall see more of it.

Love and light as you embark on your life journey,

Alice Coaxum