Excess weight, almost no one wants it but how do you get rid of it? While you could just sit around wishing and hoping the Universe will miraculously take the pounds away, the only way to turn that dream into a reality is by coupling your desire to lose weight with action.

Step 1. Figure out why you want to lose weight. Write your why down. Look at your powerful why when you need a little encouragement to stay on the right path. Make sure your why is focused around you. Your weight loss might benefit other people like your spouse and your children but ultimately you need to do it for you.

Step 2. Acknowledge that what you’ve done in the past wasn’t and isn’t working. Don’t go that same route. If it worked you’d already be at your goal weight. If you gained a bunch of weight eating junk food than surely you won’t lose the weight consuming large quantities of junk food.

Step 3. Come up with a plan. Some opt to have weight loss surgeries such as the gastric sleeve and gastric bypass but that might not be the route you choose to go. You might instead choose to replace a meal a day with a protein shake or predominantly eat raw fruits and veggies. Some choose to work out every other day along with eating healthy. Pick a method that you can live with and stick to because your success is dependent on it.

Step 4. Support. You need some type of support whether it be group support, a friend or even accountability type support through social media. This will help you stay focused.

Step 5. Implement your plan. You will miss workouts and at times you might eat the wrong foods. You will fail sometimes. Recognize and acknowledge that it is part of the process. It’s okay as long as you keep trying. You will have ups and downs figuratively and literally when it comes to weight loss but success can be yours if you fail forward and never give up.