Life isn’t always easy. There are many pressures in life from work to family and friends. Some work in a stressful environment, long hours or in a professional field that they can’t stand. A vacation could be just the break you’re looking for.

Some are going through drama with their family and friends. If you are in a relationship and have children then you even have even more responsibilities and possibly stress too, than the average single non-parent.

This can be hard and while most things do past you might be screaming for a getaway right now. But what if taking a vacation just isn’t possible at this moment.

All is not lost. Sometimes you just need to check out for a bit. Put the chocolate ice cream away and a nap won’t be necessary right now. Stay in the now while getting the mental relaxation that you need.

Here are four ways to quickly take your mind from stress to relaxation mode in minutes:

  1. Meditate right then and there. Don’t put it off. Meditate your way into a relaxing calm. I find that meditation quickly puts me in a good place. Try meditating for five minutes and then extend the time. I prefer to meditate for twenty minutes but when I first started it was hard to get five minutes in.
  2. Put on your favorite album. Jamming to your favorite songs, singing along with your favorite artist can give you a quick boost of happiness. I jam to everything from rock to old school rap.
  3. Read a book or listen to an audiobook. Books whisk you away to foreign places and into the most interesting situations within seconds. I enjoy an array of books from fiction to science and spirituality. Getting whisked away in a good fiction book is a great way to take a quick break. It takes you mind off of what you may be going through while immersing you into an imaginary world.
  4. Positive visualization through relaxing videos can whisk you away from stress and to the beach in an instant. Watch the waves hitting the sand, it’s so relaxing. Or take a visual vacation to a foreign land. No passport required.

There are other ways to take an instant vacation. Experiment and see what works best for you.