Anything worthwhile in life will require you to crank it up a notch in order for you to take it to the next level.

God the Universe will guide you and help you climb mountains and jump over obstacles if you have an eye to see what is being offered to you.

While the Universe can help guide you to become or have whatever you desire it won’t force you to live up to your potential.

Living a mediocre life or the life of your dreams is entirely up to you.


Here a three must do’s if you wish to crush your goal.

  1. Believe: that you can have what you desire or that you can achieve your goals because you truly can. If the dream or goal were unattainable it wouldn’t be in you.
  2. Positive self talk: Never talk down on yourself, your goals, desires, or dreams because you are putting into the universe that what you desire isn’t possible or that you aren’t worthy of your goals. Is that what you really want to attract in your life?
  3. Focus: on what you desire instead of worrying about what you don’t want to happen. What you focus on grows so place that focus on something you want to achieve or have. This way you don’t attract more lack of what you want into your life.

Love and light,

Alice Coaxum

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