Month: November 2017

My VSG Life: Workout and Lunchtime.

I decided to start back up exercising with weights again. My aim is to improve the shape of my body and build strength. My husband kindly set them up for me since I really don’t like messing with all of that. I did 5 sets 10 reps deadlifts before riding my recumbent bike for a half hour. I like to increase productivity by using my time wisely while riding. I like to listen to audios or watch videos that encourage, inspire, or motivate me in all areas of my life.   Online Calorie Counter Calorie counting made easy. Search from...

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Achieve Your Goals By Doing This One Simple Thing.

Most of us have goals in multiple areas of our lives that we’d like to achieve. Goals such as: Getting a better job. Becoming a successful entrepreneur. Making our money work for us. Improving our relationships with others. Ridding ourselves of excessive  negativity. Getting married. Raising our children to the best of our ability. Eating a better diet. Further developing our spirituality. Improving our self development. Losing weight. Any other goal you can think of. One thing that all of these goals have in common is the fact that they require action on our part. Whether that action is...

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You Are Your Greatest Investment.

Are you regularly investing in you to create a better life overall? If you aren’t you run the risk of greatly limiting your true potential. Self-development and improvement can have an amazing effect on your life. I  used to not see the value of investing in myself and would wonder why I couldn’t seem to get ahead in business or weight loss. I wondered why I was unable to make any real changes in my personal life. Now I consistently invest in me, take actions where necessary, and invite God the Universe into my life to guide me as I...

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