Month: October 2017

My VSG Life: Face To Face Weight Loss.

Face To Face. My pictures are 2013 versus today. My current  weight is 278 lbs. My lowest weight since having weight loss surgery in 2013 was 254 lbs. That’s where I’m headed! My highest measured weight was 354 lbs. I guesstimate my highest weight around 380 lbs or so. The Great News. I’ve lost 8 lbs recently after gaining 30 something lbs. Woo hoo! I’m so glad to finally be back on track. What I’m Doing. I’m seriously watching what I eat. Bye bye Peanut M & Ms and Reese’s Cups! I had to cut the junk food to...

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Fear Doesn’t Have To Be A Factor.

I’m actively editing my first completed fiction novel. I say actively because I’ve started this task before but wasn’t really taking it seriously because I was so fearful of how it may turn out. I feared the unknown outcome of trying more than I feared the known outcome of not trying at all. Many times we allow fear to stop us cold instead of pursuing the things that are dearest to us. I pondered things like: What if no one likes it? What if no one buys it? What if I’m a horrible writer? What if my family sees...

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Push Through During Troubling Times.

When you’re working on achieving your goals and dreams you’re probably hoping that everything goes smoothly and that there are little to no problems along the way. Every day you push a little further. It’s so much easier to stay productive and on track when everything is going your way. How well I know this. However, life doesn’t always work that way. Things appear to be going great and then, boom, something out of the ordinary goes wrong. Sometimes it might even seem as though nothing is going your way. You might feel like falling apart or giving up due to...

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Stop Hating On Wealth And Abundance.

Your View Of Money Matters. Money is your obedient servant if you allow it to be. You can choose to live abundantly. Just as you are energy so is money. It is one type of abundance and one of the tools that our system uses in exchange for goods and services. Money provides freedom that a lack of money does not. How many times have you been unable to do something because of a lack of funds? Is Money Really The Root Of All Evil? I think not. Some people truly fear or hate money and they strongly believe it...

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Maybe Tomorrow and Other Excuses That Block Your Dreams.

Are You Taking Any Steps Towards Your Dream? If not now, then when? If you are dissatisfied in life what does grumbling and complaining solve? Many times we look at our dreams as something so far away from us and so far into the future yet doing nothing at the moment to draw us closer to the life we desire. We come up with excuse after excuse from I don’t know how to I can’t afford what I need to do so. The truth is that people invest their time and money into things they deem worthwhile and beneficial....

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