Month: September 2017

It’s Okay To Change Your Mind.

Life Doesn’t Always Go Your Way. There are times in life when we want something so bad and we don’t get it. Instead of falling apart we can embrace change. At the time it can be really disappointing to not achieve or succeed at something you desire. Don’t allow it to get you down. Sometimes looking back we see that not grasping what we thought we wanted actually put us directly on the path towards what we truly desire. This is how life has worked for me in a variety of ways. Realizations. Some of the things I badly...

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Embrace The Unknown To Soar To New Heights.

Embrace Life. Does the unknown scare you? Some people feel anxiety when considering trying new things. Rather than experience new things that could possibly prove to be more successful than previous experiences some people choose to stick with the known. They stick with the known because it’s comfortable even if it’s uncomfortable. Example: I turned down even considering having any type of weight loss surgery for seven years even though I was morbidly obese and extremely unhealthy. I wasn’t comfortable in my body. I was actually a prisoner of it. However, I was extremely comfortable in being in the...

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I Sucked At Yoga.

On Instagram I would frequently see all types of women and men in an array of ages, nationalities, and colors doing cool looking yoga poses naked and clothed. Poses like downward facing dog, supported headstand, child’s pose, crane, tripod handstand, firefly, and eight-angle. I saw heavy-set women doing serious yoga moves and my jaw dropped. I was flabbergasted. As a woman who has always been plus sized I mistakenly assumed that yoga was only for fit and trim people. Boy was I wrong! I saw women my size and larger doing splits and handstands. Wow! I became intrigued. The...

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Miss This One Step And You Will Not Succeed.

Like An Unfinished Puzzle. You can read informative blogs, you can watch motivational videos, and you can be inspired by others. You could be working at being more positive and increasing your vibrational energy. You can even go through the motions, make a small attempt to achieve a goal. All of these things are great but … If this one piece is missing from your strategy you might as well forget it. It doesn’t matter how bad you want to succeed if you don’t even believe you can. Your dream may be: Being a best selling author. Writing and...

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Two Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Lose Weight.

If you’ve been desperately trying to lose weight you might be wondering why I’m saying you shouldn’t try to lose weight. Isn’t that discouraging to one who wants a healthier and leaner body? Nope! I won’t take it back because I mean it and I’m about to explain two very good reasons why you shouldn’t try to lose weight. 1. The Law of attraction is always in full force. We attract to us what we emit whether we’re actively trying to or not. Anything you wish to attract to you should be said and affirmed in the present tense...

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