Month: August 2017

Revenge Is A Dish Best Left Unserved.

Revenge is a waste a time. In life, you are going to run into people who don’t have good motives for being your friend or dealing with you. You have no control over what someone else does. When you hurt someone purposely that is a low energy activity. It is counter productive to your life. Being mean, petty, and revengeful gets you nowhere. Seeking revenge does not boost your vibrational energy, it takes away from it. Plus you are opening yourself to receive what you give out. Payback doesn’t belong to you. It is not your job to treat...

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Focus Inwardly To Change Your Outer World.

You might wonder why it’s so hard to make lasting changes in your life even though you may desperately want to. You may try and try but feel as if something is working against you because you just can’t seem to get it right. Subconscious Sabotage. Your subconscious mind controls much more of your life than your conscious mind does. It is the subconscious that has been soaking in everything around you since you incarnated into this life. Your subconscious mind is also is influenced by anything you’ve held onto from previous incarnations. All the things you’ve seen, heard,...

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It’s Not Your Job To Save People.

You might see someone heading down what you think is the wrong path and want to save them the trouble. It’s sometimes hard to watch those we care about engaging in destructive behaviors. You might have even expressed this to them. This is planting the seed in their mind. If they are interested in what you have to save they might take your advice and change but what if they aren’t interested? This is when you are to simply back off. It is not your responsibility to change anyone. You are not in charge of making that seed grow....

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Leave People Better Than You Found Them.

Life is wonderful. We leave the spiritual realm and incarnate on the earth. We impact the world whether in a great or small way. How we treat people is one way that we make an impact on others. We get to assume human roles while learning certain lessons and we experience emotions like: Love Happiness Hatred Fear Trust Joy Hurt Desire We develop qualities like: Honesty Forgiveness Loyalty Unconditional love Integrity Humility Supportiveness Compassion It is through forming relationships with our families first and then others that we begin to learn more about ourselves as a person. We must be careful...

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