Month: April 2017

Receiving The Perfect Abundance For You.

What Is Abundance? When the word abundance comes to mind many only think of monetary riches. I used to too. Yes, monetary riches are a form of abundance but it surely isn’t the only form or the most important. By definition, it simply means a very large quantity of something. For example, you could have an abundance of pocket lint but would it be worth anything to you? The perfect abundance for you would be worth everything to you. Money in its paper, coin and even digital form by itself are not worth much. Money is just a form...

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Gratitude Affirmations.

Many times people think about what they want and what they don’t have. How often do you take the time to just be grateful for all that you do have and all of the good in your life? One might even be grateful for the lessons learned from the not so pleasant parts of life. One might even choose to be grateful for the lessons learned from the not so pleasant parts of life. Being grateful is a big part of the law of attraction. Gratitude helps leads to a reward of abundance from the Universe by raising your vibrational level....

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You Can Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth While Losing Weight.

Unfortunately, many times when one begins to diet they mistakenly think that in order to lose weight they have to compromise on taste and give up everything that they love. Many of us who have tried to lose weight have an enormous sweet tooth from time to time.This is one of the biggest factors in one not wanting to adopt a healthier diet. Surely satisfying your cravings for sweets must be near impossible if you approach your diet that way. This is one of the biggest factors in one not wanting to adopt a healthier diet. Surely satisfying your...

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We Are All Connected Despite Our Differences.

“I am saddened by how people treat one another and how we are so shut off from one another and how we judge one another, when the truth is, we are all one connected thing. We are all from the same exact molecules.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres We are all created from our amazing Universe the most high. Thus we all are connected to each other from the first human beings up until now. Sadly some humans feel that the things that outwardly make us different make some people better than others and they judge their fellow man by those external...

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The Damage Caused By False Religious Organizations.

Disbelief That One’s Religious Beliefs Could Be False. First and foremost, on the topic of false religion, many will just assume that the term couldn’t be applied to the religious road that they walk. After all, they might have given much thought before deciding to become a member of the religious institution that they are involved in. At one point I was a member of a well known religious organization. I definitely understand the thought process involved in trying to live a spiritual life when lacking the proper knowledge. You try your best to pick the way that makes...

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