Month: March 2017

Be Grateful Always.

How we tend to view and deal with life is how it tends to deal with us. One who is filled with gratitude and has a positive mindset may be rewarded regularly while one who is filled with lack and has a negative mindset keeps falling short of the things they desire. Are you thankful for all the things you already have in your life? You may not have everything you want but you have things that some people wish they had. If you have running water, an indoor bathroom, are relatively healthy, have delicious foods in your refrigerator,...

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Crystals Are Much More Than Just A Knick Knack.

Crystals come in an array of wonderful colors. They are found in various parts of the earth. They have different shapes and designs. Some are large and some are small. Crystals can be raw and jagged in their natural state or tumbled smooth. Many people like to display the crystals that appeal to them most. They are so beautiful but did you know that crystals are for more than just looking pretty? Crystals are much more than the average knick knack. All crystals are not the same. Each crystal has metaphysical properties good for aiding us in one way...

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Don’t Let Fear Stop You.

There are times that fear can work in our favor. Fears can sometimes help you to avoid things that are harmful. Being fearful of being burned would most likely keep one from hurling themself into the fireplace or sticking their arm into the flame on the stove. Fear of drowning would make a person think twice about jumping off of a bridge into a river. There are also times that fear can work against us. Sometimes we fear the unknown for no particular reason outside of never having tried it before and we as a result we hinder ourselves....

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